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Table of Contents

Mathematics for Electrical Engineering and Computing

Example figures from Mathematics for Electrical Engineering and Computing covering graph sketching,differentiation and integration,  introduction to Fourier analysis,  Boolean algebra and digital circuits and systems theory
Preface. Acknowledgement.

Sets, functions and calculus: Sets and Functions. Functions and their graphs. Problem solving and the art of the convincing argument. Boolean algebra. Trigonometric functions and waves. Differentiation. Integration. The exponential function. Vectors. Complex numbers. Maxima and minima and sketching functions. Sequences and series.

Systems: Systems of linear equations, matrices and determinants. Ordinary differential equations and difference equations. Laplace and z transforms. Fourier series.

Functions of more than one variable: Functions of more than one variable. Vector calculus.

Graph and Language Theory: Graph Theory. Language Theory.

Probability and Statistics: Probability and Statistics.

Answers to Exercises. Index.

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